Hosted PACS Solutions Creates Web of Connections, Advanced Vascular Access Becomes Newest Client

WELLINGTON, Fla. (December 1, 2013) – Hosted PACS Solutions is pleased to announce that Advanced Vascular Access, an advanced healthcare facility based in Fairview Park, Ohio, is the latest to utilize its PACS system.

In an age where the Internet can be used to find just about any service, the facility found Hosted PACS through a basic Web search, said Matt Kamensky, an X-ray technician at Advanced.

Kamensky said Hosted PACS Solutions provided the most affordable option for his company’s newly opened practice. He said the customer service at Hosted PACS was the determining factor in making a selection.

“Hosted PACS had a training session online that helped me adjust to the new system,” Kamensky said. “I learned that and was able to show my coworkers how to use it.”

Hosted PACS Solutions provides PACS archiving at a low fee-per-study rate. Its technicians train all new clients on the system and are available afterward for 24/7 technical support.

For additional information or questions, contact Bryan Neal, Accounts Manager, 561-201-3334 or You can also visit our website at

About Hosted PACS Solutions

Established in 2009, Hosted PACS Solutions is an Application Service Provider (ASP) of best in class digital radiology software. We host high end RIS and PACS software on our servers in a HIPAA compliant data center and make it available to medical practices on a fee-per-study basis. Our hosted solutions are attractive to facilities that cannot justify the high cost and complexity of an onsite RIS/PACS system, but desire the same quality solutions used by hospitals and large facilities. For many practices, our solution makes the transition from film to digital imaging a viable option.