Silver Spring Radiology Discovers a New System That is Less Expensive, Improves Patient Experience and Expands Their Business

WELLINGTON, Fla. (May 7, 2013) – Hosted PACS Solutions, Inc., an Application Service Provider (ASP) of best in class digital radiology software, is pleased to announce that Silver Spring Radiology is the latest facility to begin utilizing a fully integrated, turnkey, cloud based PACS system.

Silver Spring Radiology was first introduced to Hosted PACS Solutions through a member of their teleradiologist staff familiar with the cloud based digital service.  Upon further investigation the group made the decision to fully implement the application.  “We realized that we needed a cost effective solution that would improve patient care and provide long-term storage,” said Yamini Pipple, Director of Operations for Silver Spring Radiology.  “The transition to Hosted PACS met and exceeded our needs and became a marketing tool that is helping expand our business.”

"Hosted PACS is focused on delivering high quality, cost-effective services," said George Greene, Hosted PACS's President. "We are excited that our cloud based digital services not only allow our customers access to the latest technology, without the cost, and without sacrificing their focus on providing exceptional patient care, but also allows them the opportunity to grow their businesses."

For additional information or questions, please contact Bryan Neal, Hosted PACS Solutions, Inc., 561-285-7227, or visit our website

About Hosted PACS Solutions:

Established in 2009, Hosted PACS Solutions is an Application Service Provider (ASP) of best in class digital radiology software. We host high end RIS and PACS software on our servers in a HIPAA compliant data center and make it available to medical practices on a fee-per-study basis. Our hosted solutions are attractive to facilities that cannot justify the high cost and complexity of an onsite RIS/PACS system, but desire the same quality solutions used by hospitals and large facilities. For many practices, our solution makes the transition from film to digital imaging a viable option.