Universal Viewer Coming To Hosted PACS Solutions

Recently, Hosted PACS Solutions started telling everyone about our upgrade to a Universal Viewer – but what does that mean, what is the process, and most importantly, how will it affect current and future customers?

As of September 2013, GE Healthcare announced the availability of a Universal Viewer for both the Web-Based and Zero-Footprint Client. HPS decided once again to stay at the forefront of the available technology and will be the first GE client to implement the Universal Viewer upgrade – thus keeping our clients on the cutting edge with the latest PACS offerings.

Currently HPS is running the GE Centricity* PACS-IW SP1, but very soon we will begin running the GE Centricity PACS-IW with Universal Viewer. 5.0 SP3. This upgrade is phase one of three. Our customers won't notice the process necessary to flip the switch, but will definitely notice when the switch is flipped. In phase one alone we'll see the following:

  • Faster, better server infrastructure as we upgrade from 32bit to a 64bit platform.

  • Self-learning hanging protocols.

  • Improved functionality, layout, and workflow to enhance productivity, from a single workstation.

  • CT / PET-CT support.

Phase two involves implementing an enterprise archive infrastructure allowing HPS to continue to have a solid foundation to meet ever evolving current and future archive requirements. This service means:

  • Vendor Neutral data storage – share data across divergent EMR systems.

  • Compartmentalize facility data.

  • Improved storage functionality – migrate aged studies to cold storage.

The third and final phase of implementation takes us to the full Universal Viewer ZFP (Zero Footprint). Achieving a ZFP status means:

  • Browser agnostic Viewer can be run on PC or MAC across Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer (IE).

  • Support iPad® and mobile tablet viewing.

  • No remaining footprint left on device.

We've already started the process and will post more as each phase rolls out...