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Server Hosting

Tired of having to manage your onsite hardware and offsite IT support? HPS offers RIS/PACS server hosting solutions that provide cloud based system architecture along with the security of 99.999% uptime guarantee.  HPS can create the offsite solutions best suited to your workflow.

Imaging businesses are challenged with designing a secure network infrastructure for their medical data that can also perform across multiple environments. That's where our server hosting services create value, we provide the rack space, networking expertise, systems security and backups, allowing you to focus on providing patient care, minimizing your system administration and IT related issues. We will provide your company with the following services.

  • Server Management
  • Server Operating System Updates
  • Physical to Virtual Conversion P2V
  • Malware Protection
  • Server Backup
  • Power Management
  • Comprehensive Remote IT Support
  • Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection
  • HL7 Interconnections

We custom-design network configurations to meet your workflow needs. Maintaining HIPAA compliance for all medical data and increasing your day to day efficiency.