Hosted PACS Solutions is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that provides you access to a high-end, hospital-grade PACS system on a fee-per-study basis.

You can now have access to a high-quality PACS but without the cost of equipment, training, or in-house support. We provide the hardware, software, upgrades and support – you simply log in to our secure web-based PACS system for instant access to all your records anytime, from any Internet connection.

  • Affordable, fee-per-study, easy to use, web-based program

  • No expensive hardware or software to buy

  • 24/7, reliable, first tier technical support team

  • Full data backup with long-term, off-site storage

  • Instant access to your data, no more lost studies, or need for costly film

  • HIPAA Compliant and FDA Certified


Powerful. Reliable. Affordable.

See How HPS Works.

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